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    Squaw Valley

    It came to me in a dream. At first, I thought I was dreaming about a

    baseball diamond. Then I realized it wasn’t a diamond at all.

    It was a square- a cookie square, a bagel square, a cinnamon roll square.*

    My vision became crystal clear.

    I knew what to do.


    Come to Wildflour- we’ve baked for you.

    * poetic license- cookies, bagels, and cinnamon rolls are actually round

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  • Flat Stanley learns about friendship at Wildflour.

    (Flat Stanley is a nation-wide literacy project and our celebrity skiers and snowboarders generously donated their time (and advice) to Flat Stanley). THANK YOU!!!

    He interviews Shannon Bahrke, jt holmes, Jonny Moseley, Marco Sullivan, Anna Goodman, Jeremy Jones, Timmy Dutton, Laurel Shanley, Kent Krietler and more! See what they have to say about friendship.

    Flat Stanley. Friends. Winter. Wildflour and Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies.

    Life is Wonderful.