Secret Menu

Welcome to the 30th season at Wildflour and the winter of 2012-2013!

Thirty years ago, Wildflour was born from a dream, a cookie recipe, and a coffee pot that belongs in a museum for archaic coffee accouterments. Our menu has evolved and we now have "Wildflour 3.0" with some real space to work. The days of hiring Oompa Loompas are gone (they were demanding too much chocolate anyway). However, our purpose has always remained the same- to create happy customers. We create happy customers by providing quality products and quality service. This is our simple Wildflour magic.

We have partnered with Peet’s Coffee and Tea to bring you distinctive, dark-roasted aromatic coffee and espresso drinks. The charms of Peet’s brew originate from the superb quality of its beans. Our special espresso machines grind Peet’s beans by the cup to ensure fresh, consistent drinks.

For our hot chocolate, we use Scharffen Berger cocoa powder with steamed milk. Scharffen Berger’s rich chocolate flavor, delicate character, and smooth finish is a result of more bean wizardry. Scharffen Berger cocoa powder is all-natural and has not been chemically treated (alkalized). This is a rare opportunity to taste the authentic fruitiness and full flavor of the cacao bean. The only drawback is that we may be creating generations of chocolate snobs.

We make our products with the finest ingredients. We use butter- never hydrogenated oils. We use fresh eggs (we’re very adept at egg juggling) and pure vanilla beans- not fake substitutes. We use rich, dark chocolate, Scharffen Berger cocoa powder, inimitable sweeteners and exceptional flours.

We make healthy choices. We have chosen the highest grades of turkey and chicken for our sandwiches. Irresistible in taste, freshness, and nutrition, our sandwiches and breakfast bagels are made-to-order. Truly, the smell of our homemade bread baking will tantalize even the most discerning of taste-buds. We use healthy ingredients in creative combinations. Try our Chicken Cranberry Walnut or Avocado Carrot Sandwiches. You’ll be enchanted.

Wildflour baked goods, Scharffen Berger chocolate, Peet’s coffee, and our friendly, quirky service- it’s our magic.

Secret Menu

Not listed on the Official Wildflour Menu

Tortilla P.H.A.T. 

P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot, And Tasty)

Homemade Tortillas made with Olive Oil and Honey


Other Products not listed on the official Wildflour menu appear at our stores periodically- Susan's Infusions, Croissants, Special Espresso Drinks and more! 

More Secrets:

Our telephone number: 530 583-1963 (disconnected when we are closed and connected to our credit card machine when we are open to ensure short conversations) 


Buy a Baker's Dozen and save lots of "dough."


Hilarious, and yet, very kind comments about Wildflour found when snowboarding the Yelp:


Updated/expanded!!!  This season's changes to WBC are great news for all.  Expanded location and menu, while still creating high quality goods and as always served with a smile!

The best chocolate chip cookies ever!!!  Awesome bagels, my fav is the pizza bagel!!!  Whole grain goodness!

Scharffenberger Hot Chocolate and chewy chocolate chip cookies. What more do you need??

They'll warm it up for you too if you ask so the inside is extra gooey and the edges still crusty. If I could afford ski resort prices I probably would've eaten (at least) one of each item. Plus, you won't wanna miss out on the hot European girls waiting to take your order.

Is it bad that I want to go back to Squaw for cookies?

Make sure you check it out before you head up on the gondola because it's at the bottom of the mountain!


They have the best chocolate chip cookies ever!

It's all gooey and warm... crispy at the edges and chewy in the middle.

They also have a vegan peanut butter choc chip! awesome!


Get a dozen, save 50 cents a cookie. It's totally worth it!!

The best cookies ever. Even better baked goods. Can I move in?

The BEST hot chocolate!  They carefully  froth real milk with chocolate for amazing hot chocolate - this is not the watery mix stuff.  There is also a high camp location which makes a great break spot.  Definitely go out of your way to try the hot chocolate!

This is a special place among the generically overpriced and mediocre food available at ski resorts. Their baking is done close by [maybe SV or Truckee] because everything is fresh, fresh, fresh even after its trip up the cable car to High Camp.

Multi-grain bagels are excellent in any number of combinations.
The sandwiches are good value and true filler-uppers, as some other folks have written. To avoid the Squaw kids, get up to High Camp early-- no one's ever there.

Is there banana bread worth dying for? Yes, there is, and it can be found in the Olympic Lodge at Squaw Valley. For a little nondescript counter hidden in one of the older buildings at Squaw, it's well worth the extra search beyond the fancy newer shopping and dining establishments nearby.  Great fresh baked goods, and always buzzing with people wanting more.

Truly excellent little hole-in-the-wall bakery window in the ground floor of Olympic House at Squaw Valley.  Great bagels, cookies, and excellent sandwiches at lunch for a good price.  

They make the sandwiches with this awesome multi-grain bread they bake fresh.    A half sandwich is $5, and is all you need, really, unless you are used to getting all your meals at the Cheesecake Factory or Chilis or some other serious fat-ass place.   On the rare occasions I can get the wife or one of the offspring to agree with me, I will get a full sandwich for $9, and split it, thereby saving an additional $.50 for the college fund.

The Wildflour is quite a scene most of the time, because almost all of the kids on the Squaw race teams get their lunch there and let me tell you, these kids have been raised to push, shove and kidney punch you to get their way.  Just hold your ground, make eye contact with the hot blonde Kiwi chick behind the counter and you should be able to get your lunch fairly quickly.

If you're a baked good fanatic (like me), this is a must-stop before or after  a day of skiing - or both.  Divine soft pretzels, dense bagels, and an ever changing assortment of small yet rich cookies.  

As mentioned it's a scene here on the weekends thanks to the Squaw kids, but it's worth wading through the rugrats.  Note that this place has a tendency to close up shop in the spring, so make sure you get your fix before the days lengthen.

Although I am not as good looking as the original, I am a living cookie monster...   That said, I am always on the search for the best cookie.  Wildflour may not make the best cookie in the world, but certainly it is the most scrumptulescant  cookie I have ever had at a ski lodge (Ive been to more than I could recount) or anywhere around Tahoe for that matter.

We're not on the Facebook or the Twitter, but we're out there... 

 See you in The Flour!

Yummy scone.  Great for pre-skiing eats.  And the bagel with cream cheese that we ate while sitting on the lift with our feet dangling above other skiers and snowboarders halfway through the morning was delicious.

Wildflour and Wildflour too remain an oasis of yummy goodness in the ski resort food scene. They bake their cookies on the spot in both locations, and, if you can get them fresh out of the oven, they are to die for. They're still good when cool, though.

Everything else is excellent, too. The prices are reasonable, and they have a "cookie card" that you can buy which gives you considerable savings. So, if you are traveling with friends or a bunch of children, you might consider the "cookie card". You can buy other baked goods and sandwiches with it. It is a very good deal.

There is a world-class baker somewhere behind the scenes of this operation, and my hat's off to her or him

One of the best reasons to snowboard ever!!! Our lunch break can't come soon enough for me to gobble up those ooey gooey warm chocolaty goodness that is their chocolate chip cookie. Who am I kidding when I just ask for one?  I usually eat at least 2 or 3 or maybe 4!  I eat ever so slowly just to savor that yummyness!!  I love it so much;  I try so hard to convince fellow snowboarders to choose this resort above all others just so I can eat these cookies! I wish I had one right now!!!